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Portable hand sanitiser and wash stations are extremely useful tools to combat the spread of germs and keep hands clean when working, playing or attending outdoor events. They’re ideal for shops, schools, building sites and all types of events with large numbers of visitors. Any workplace or organisation can benefit from hand sanitiser stands or a portable hand wash station in Nottingham.

If indoor plumbing isn’t available, such as on a building site or agricultural workplace, they offer a simple solution to ensure everyone on-site can maintain excellent hygiene. At Loos For Hire, our range of hand sanitiser and hand wash station provides a convenient and effective way to stop the spread of germs.

What Are Portable Hand Sanitiser & Wash Stations?

Hand Sanitiser Stations

  • 4 Sanitiser dispensers per station filled with hand sanitiser

Hand Wash Stations

  • 2 Sinks per hand washing station
  • 2 x Hand soap dispensers
  • Hand paper towels dispensers and paper towels

Sanitiser station

Hand sanitising station

Advantages Of Hiring A Portable Hand Sanitiser Or Wash Station In Nottingham

Hand Wash Stations

Our portable hand wash station features two sinks and two soap dispensers to help people maintain hygiene throughout the day. In environments where flexibility is necessary, such as temporary sites or expanded amenities, mobile wash stations are incredibly useful. They will contribute to your safety measures by allowing people to wash their hands while maintaining social distancing and being outside. A hand wash station is also inclusive of people who do not use hand sanitisers because of religious reasons.

It’s simple to move the station, so offer adaptability even once it has been installed on-site. Convenience is one of the advantages our hand wash stations offer. With their innovative, user-friendly design, you can manoeuvre and position them wherever is needed. This allows you to optimise your measures against the spread of coronavirus, as people have access to the station at key points.

You can place the station in high-traffic areas on your site to ensure everyone has the opportunity to wash their hands. To maintain hygiene and stop the spread of germs, not only coronavirus, people need to be able to wash their hands regularly with freshwater and soap. Once they have done this, they can use the paper towel dispenser to dry their hands, which offers greater convenience and makes hand washing more effective.

Hand Sanitiser Station

Hand sanitiser stands are an essential part of an organisation’s efforts against COVID-19. They also help people maintain exceptional hygiene and prevent germs from spreading. Having hand sanitiser freely available, especially in current times, ensures everyone on your site has peace of mind over their safety.

With 4 sanitiser dispensers per station, the station can serve multiple people at once safely. It offers a quick way for people to maintain hygiene and remove the risk of spreading bacteria and coronavirus. You have control over the placement of the stand, so can place it where people need it most, such as in a high-traffic area or by public toilets. Installing portable hand sanitiser stations or mobile hand wash stations can be highly beneficial for many organisations. They offer a cost-effective way to ensure everyone on your site can be hygienic.

Hand sanitiser gel

Our Anti Bac Hand Gel is manufactured to the standard EN 1500 which is compliant to European and World Health Organisation standards. Our product is manufactured with a 70% pure IPA alcohol, a high quality moisturiser and demineralised water. All ingredients are pure and non-tainting.

Covid 19 regulations require a 70% alcohol content so you can be assured your event is covered

Hand Sanitiser

Toilet and hand sanitiser

Benefits of Hiring Sanitiser & Hand Wash Stations

If you’re looking for a temporary station to ensure good hygiene, Loos For Hire can help you. Hiring a station is a cost-effective solution that can give you peace of mind over the safety of everyone on your site. Installing our stations or stands can be a necessary step to prevent COVID-19 from spreading within your organisation. To hire one of our options call us on 0116 254 4999 or visit our contact page today.

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