The Advantages of a Hand Washing Station

The Advantages of a Hand Washing Station

In the age of the coronavirus, hand washing and basic hygiene is an absolute must. Even if you are unable to practice social distancing, it is a really good idea to make sure that your hands are clean from dirt and germs wherever possible. Cleaning hands on the go or at work, however, isn’t always as cut and dried as you’d imagine. To get the infection rate down when it comes to COVID-19, we all need to think creatively and do our best to practice basic hygiene.

Have you ever considered using or setting up hand washing stations before? They are popping up more and more in public areas and around public buildings in light of the coronavirus – and post-pandemic, they are likely to help us get into better habits for good. Here are a few advantages of handwashing stations:

They Don’t Need Plumbing

One of the main issues of setting up hygiene stations in the past has been to do with plumbing. However, portable hand washing stations can be set up almost anywhere, mainly thanks to the fact that they only need to run on a simple, in-unit water tank.

They even come with waste removal tanks, too – meaning that there’s even less to worry about when it comes to washing your hands carefully. The fact that cleaning hands is so easy thanks to portable units should be of huge benefit to public buildings and services that want to keep people safe.

Are Hand Washing Stations the Future?

There is certainly a market for hygiene and handwashing stations given COVID-19, however, there are strong arguments for setting up these stations to help improve hygiene for many years to come. Hygiene is no laughing matter – and good practice should not start and finish at a pandemic. 2020 has proven that we all need to be thinking more carefully about when we wash our hands, and for how long. Why not set up hand washing stations to encourage better habits?

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