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For events where baby changing facilities are required, our portable family toilet and portable baby changing facilities provide a valuable solution. They offer a clean, easy to use space where guests can freshen up and use toilet facilities. In the case of our portable family toilets, parents can use the toilet and change their child in a space that is tailored to these requirements, saving time and meaning young children are not left unattended outside. Boost the convenience of the facilities at your next event, and ensure families of all ages feel safe and catered for.

Our child friendly portable toilets are suitable for a range of different events, regardless of the size. Whether it’s a private function such as a birthday party or a larger scale festival, our portable toilets provide the necessary hygiene and sanitation that is required. They can easily fit into all spaces and work well when deployed on open fields for larger events.

Loos For Hire have a wealth of experience in providing high quality portable loos for customers in Northamptonshire, Leicestershire, Derby, and Nottingham. Our family toilet hire solutions are a must for making your guests feel comfortable and hygienic at all times. We always offer friendly, reliable and efficient service at highly competitive rates. Our customer service is fast and responsive, making us a perfect solution if you need portable loo hire fast.

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Family Toilet

Family Toilet

Portable Baby Changing Facilities For Hire

Portable baby changing facilities are a great option for events where attendees include parents and young children. During events such as festivals or community gatherings, it can be difficult to locate a clean space to change your infant. Providing all guests with adequate facilities is a must for comfort, hygiene and safety. To leave your guests with happy memories from your event, it’s crucial that these portable family toilets are provided.

Imagine the scene – you’ve created a brilliant event. Food and drink has been catered for, and music is playing, but wait – a handful of mothers are becoming stressed that they can’t access adequate facilities with their child, and murmurs of discontent starts spreading. Soon enough, families start leaving, the atmosphere drains, and, unfortunately, many of your guests are left with unhappy memories. Don’t fear! All is not lost. Invest in quality portable family toilets and baby change facilities, and you’ll leave your guests impressed at the thought gone into your event.

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Make accessing toilet facilities easy, practical and stress free for all families with tailored portable family sized loos.

Our portable baby changing facilities are a private unit with a baby change stand, bin and hand sanitiser included. The baby change is fitted with a light which is solar powered and has a motion sensor for changing during the evening or low light conditions.

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Our portable family toilet facilities are perfect for both parents and children alike. Not only can infants be changed, but parents can use toilet facilities too. This makes it a great option if your guests need to quickly use the loo whilst changing their child, or cannot leave their child outside whilst they go.

Some children are too young to be left alone outside unattended and it’s difficult to use a regular portable toilet due to the lack of space. This can quickly become a stressful situation as parents have to leave their child outside, or try to manage with them in the same small portable toilet. With a portable family toilet, users have access to clean, hygienic toilet facilities whilst being to keep your child supervised and safe.

Our family toilet is a generously sized toilet unit with a toilet, baby change unit, bin and hand sanitiser included. All our family toilets are fitted with lights which are solar powered and have a motion sensor to ensure good visibility at all times. They are an essential for large events where families with young children will be attending.

Family Toilet

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At Loos For Hire, we provide a range of child and parent friendly toilets and changing facilities for events of all kinds. They are perfect for outdoor festivals, community events, weddings, birthdays or sporting events. Our portable baby changing facilities and portable family toilets are ideal for events of all sizes, regardless of the attendance. Units come delivered to suit your unique specifications – whether that be one for a private or multiple for a large scale festival.

For bigger events, portable baby changing is an absolute necessity. You as the event organiser have a duty to provide safe, clean and hygienic facilities for both parents and children to use. You must always ensure that you maintain excellent hygiene and provide high quality sanitation for your guests. At Loos for Hire, we can help, call today on 0116 254 4999.

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