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Hand Wash Station

The importance of a portable hand washing stations cannot be overstated as the coronavirus pandemic has highlighted. Hygiene and health and safety shouldn’t have to be sacrificed because of a lack of versatility within changing situations. 

Washing hands is one of the simplest ways to help defend the body against harmful bacteria, and the facilities should be made available to everyone who needs them. This blog will explore how handwashing stations work, the many benefits they offer, and the places that have gained from having them installed.

Portable Hand Washing Stations Available For Hire

How Do Portable Hand Washing Stations Work?

The cabinet of a portable washing station is very simple. It contains a sealed tank of fresh water to draw from and a wastewater container to collect from the sink drain. All that’s needed is to refill the fresh water tank when required and ensure the wastewater also gets disposed of.

Water tanks are all designed with accessibility and safety in mind; therefore, switching out tanks is easy and simple. The internal plumbing is also designed so that the fresh water and wastewater units cannot be fitted together to remove any danger of a mix-up with contaminated tanks.

Inside the cabinet, there’s also a motor and heater to pump the water and heat it if required. Hand washing stations have various models that include battery-powered or gas-powered options if there’s no means of electricity made available.

Portable handwashing stations provide sinks with options for hot and cold running water. These are especially needed for use in environments that only have limited access to running water or no plumbing at all.  To use, you simply unpack the unit and then place the washing station in the desired location and fill the freshwater tank. Then all that’s left to do is plug into an electrical outlet. The stations will usually have caster wheels attached to improve the ease of mobility.

What Locations Would Benefit From A Hand Sanitising Station

A hand washing station provides portable hygiene and health and safety tools to any environment. This includes places of work, both indoors and outdoors, where such facilities are not always available or are needed to be in use at a far higher rate than usual. Often situations require a lot of surface contact through something as simple as food handling to waste disposal. This is why they are increasingly popular with outdoor food stalls and markets.

Portable hand wash stations are used in outdoor markets and festivals to medical outbreak situations. Schools are also becoming increasingly aware of hygiene, and with many classrooms not fitted with traditional sinks, portable ones provide a safe solution.  

With the global awareness of the importance of hand sanitising, a desire has never been stronger, and these portable stations are the perfect solution for maintaining a higher level of hygiene. For enquiries regarding our Hand Sanitising Station hiring service please feel free to contact us on 01162 544999 or fill out our on-site contact form.

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