How to Keep a Portable Toilet Clean

How to Keep a Portable Toilet Clean

A portable toilet is a fantastic asset! For parties, exhibitions, as well as for construction sites and business use, a top portable toilet is going to provide plenty of convenience and comfort for all. However, knowing how to keep a portable toilet unit clean day-to-day is something you need to read up on!

Before you hire a toilet for any need, make sure to clue up on the following tips and keep your unit looking great from day-to-day. This is especially the case if you are providing services to the public.

First Steps

Before you use a portable toilet for the first time, make sure to deodorise it. You’ll normally receive a recommendation from a toilet hire company in this regard! You can place a deodoriser in your toilet tank as a powder, though there may also be liquid solutions. Crucially, you should make sure to discuss these options with your toilet provider before getting started.

Once your deodorant is in place, you can connect the water tank and flush the water through a couple of times to make sure it fully dissolves and takes effect.

Emptying Tips

When you hire a toilet for the first time, it’s worth remembering that you are going to need to remember when to empty it. This should be pretty easy to look out for, though the signs may differ from toilet to toilet.

Make sure to check the waste tank regularly. This, of course, is what you are going to need to empty, and if you leave it to clog up for too long, it’s going to cause you serious problems later on.

To empty a toilet tank, you are going to need to find a disposal point designated for chemical waste. Or, if you have a septic tank, this will also suffice.

Once emptied, you are going to need to thoroughly clean out your toilet and your tank. You should make a point of adding a disinfectant that is recommended to you by the manufacturer.

Keeping Your Portable Toilet Fresh

Keeping a portable toilet fresh and presentable is very important! Even if you hire a toilet for a short period, you may wish to stock it with toiletries and accessories to help smarten and freshen up the space. Consider deodorising and dressing it up a little and even setting up biodegradable toilet paper is a great touch, too.

Cleaning out a portable toilet may sound tricky, but once you know how to get the best of your unit, it’s a process that you will likely find very easy to adapt to. Hire a toilet that’s easy to clean and manage and make sure you have an available point or tank where you can dispose of waste at the end of the day!

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