Portable toilets in winter | Will a portable toilet freeze?

​Portable toilets in winter | Will a portable toilet freeze?

With winter fast approaching it’s time to start planning for the brutally cold winter months, and if you aren’t prepared in the right way then you could encounter some problems that you didn’t plan for. If this is your first winter dealing with portable toilets it can be daunting knowing what to do. Below we have compiled some tips and tricks that you can use as a precaution in case your portable toilet does freeze.

Why doesn’t the blue liquid in your portable toilet freeze during winter?

​The winter months can be tricky. If you are planning an event and need portable toilets you need to make sure that your guests are going to be able to use the facilities that have been provided. But the blue liquid in the portable toilet will never freeze in winter, want to know why and how? Carry on reading to find out…

The blue liquid is thick

​The blue liquid is much thicker than water, therefore, has a much lower freezing temperature, the substance is so thick that it freezes even slower than normal. The blue liquid in the toilet will show how much it takes to freeze a treatment product and you will notice that the water will freeze much faster.

The portable toilet may freeze and crack

​Like all pipes, they can freeze and crack if they are not treated correctly during winter. Allowing the pipes to have the blue liquid flushed through them will prevent the pipes from freezing. You can make sure the pipes are okay by flushing the portable toilet, if you are at an event then people will be using the toilet, therefore, you shouldn’t have to worry about keep flushing it yourself.

Use cleaning products

​Cleaning products with methanol in them can be really great to use. Methanol doesn’t have to be dissolved therefore it can work very quickly. Another advantage to using methanol cleaner is that it’s not corrosive, this means that you can use it in a portable toilet that has a steel tank and not have to worry about any damage.

Orange portable toilets

Small heaters

​In some of the VIP portable toilets for events and occasions, they have a small heater in the toilet and of course hand dryers so the inside of the portable toilet will still be reasonably warm. The VIP portable toilets are a lot less likely to freeze than the normal single portable toilets.

​A portable toilet can be very useful in the winter, they could be used for events, construction work, campsites, festivals and many more as long as they are being used regularly and not sat unused for days they should freeze over.

​We hope that our blog has been informative and has helped you in preventing your toilet from freezing and the pipes potentially cracking. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0116 254 4999 or alternatively head over to our contact page to fill in the online enquiry form.

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