Luxury Portable Toilet Hire: What Do I Need To Know?

Luxury Portable Toilet Hire: What Do I Need To Know?

​When putting together an event, and especially if it’s outdoors, a lot of things need to be factored in. From the guest’s comfort to the space, its accessibility, refreshments, safety and prior planning is needed as it ensures you don’t miss out on the tiniest detail. One important detail is making sure some sort of restroom facility is available for your guests to relieve themselves. More than just providing a restroom facility, the type of facility is important. The restroom industry has improved beyond just portable toilets to mobile trailers and RV-toilets with designs which have almost the same feel as a ladies’ powder room or men’s toilet. You want to give them a luxurious experience that’ll have them feeling at ease and pleased with the event.


​If you’re going big on your event, you might as well go big on hiring a luxury portable toilet that can be installed to blend in with the aesthetics and general theme of the event. There is no point in putting up a plush looking marquee and hiring out a basic portable toilet that not only is uncomfortable to be in, but isn’t so pleasing to look at. With luxury toilet hire, you’d have the option of customising the restroom beyond just the toilet seats to include walls, multiple stalls, hand-wash basins, dryers, mirrors and even a music system.


​When it involves 2 or more people gathered, you can try your best to plan. Things, however, don’t always go accordingly. Seeing as you can’t always predict people’s toilet etiquette even when the best facilities are provided, you’d want to make sure that cleaning staff are employed to maintain the state of the restroom and keep it sanitary. Only a handful of sights are more appalling than walking in on someone else’s finished business.

Portable loos

Weather Conditions

​Luxury toilet hire has the ability to spruce up the look of an event and give guests a comfy loo experience. It can’t however, control the weather. If you’re putting together an event, outdoor or not, you’d be wise to check that weather conditions are favourable, especially during the winter. So in hiring mobile trailers for your guests to feel at ease in, factoring in throwing said event on a bright and sunny day is an added advantage. You don’t want to give your guests a topic to laugh about, should the trailer be blown away whilst occupied for instance. If it’s cold, having a heating system will keep the stalls warm. Alternatively, hire RV-toilets built with materials that keep warm even in the cold.

Guest Count

​Having an idea of the number of guests invited to your event is important information to have when hiring portable restrooms. You want to hire as many trailers with as many stalls as possible that are a good ratio to the number of guests you have, so you don’t keep people who are pressed to go, waiting outside the stalls. If it’s for wedding hire, entertainment is a sure feature on the flow of events so you’d want your guests relieved and properly sat in time to be entertained.

Visibility, Direction and Access

​Doing your guest the favour of ensuring that the restrooms are easy to access can’t be overstated. They’d thank you for taking the initiative and you’ll not have to worry about any unfortunate embarrassing nature calling mishaps.

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