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There is no need to be fearful of hiring a toilet. Some folks are put off by the fact that they may have to clean it before giving it back. The thought of this is generally enough of a deterrent to make them think twice, however, the good news is that you don’t have to clean them yourself, that’s taken care of by the company you hire the portable toilets from.

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Hiring A Portable Toilet

There are generally two mindsets when it comes to things we hire, borrow, or loan. The first of which is ‘well it’s not my problem, I’ve used it now and I will just give it back or leave it as it is’. While someone with the opposite mindset may think ‘I can’t leave it like that, I’ll give it a quick clean before returning it’.

Whichever category you fall into, you may be right in differing circumstances and situations. There are of course levels to this and you should never compromise your well-being or the quality of the product whether you are leaving it for others to sort out or trying to restore something to its original condition yourself.

For example, placing dirty towels in the bath for housekeeping, pulling back the duvet cover, and ensuring all rubbish is in the bins provided after a hotel stay is common courtesy but not necessarily expected of you. On the flip side, leaving the place like a pig-sty and going out of your way to leave a mess because it’s somebody else’s job to tidy up is disrespectful. Hotel staff wouldn’t expect you to strip the bed and take the bins out but would certainly appreciate some etiquette.

This analogy can be used in many industries, including the toilet hire business.

Leave It To The Pro’s

When you hire a toilet, it’s not your responsibility to empty it nor is it up to you to clean it. This will be music to some people’s ears but others will be horrified at the prospect of returning it in a bad condition. The best advice would be not to overthink it and whatever you think you see, the professionals have, in all likelihood seen a lot worse. 

Ultimately, the hired toilet will under-go the set procedure for cleaning upon return whether you have left it as it is or given it the once over. So don’t waste your time, don’t put yourself at risk, and let the company get on with their job because they’re the experts.

The Cleaning Process Itself

This involves some basics, some common sense, and then a touch of industry know-how and experience. One of the most important components, everyone has unlimited access to and will not cost a penny… fresh air!

Aside from this, cleaning a portable toilet requires the following equipment, products, and cleaning techniques:

●       Anti-Bacterial spray and wipes

●       Odor removing fluids to deodorise the toilet

●       Replacement of toilet paper

●       Replacement consumables (paper, hand sanitiser)

●       PPE Equipment

●       High-pressure hot wash

●       Waste suction machine

●       Toilet chemical replacement fluid


Portable toilets could be at a muddy mini-football ground for one job before being transported back to its sanitation facility, going through a deep clean, and onto the next job at a festival, for example. Wherever it has been before or where it is going next should have no bearing on your use or purpose for hiring a portable toilet be it a wedding, construction site, or whatever other reason you need it for.

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