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Whether you are planning a secluded marquee wedding or an outdoor festival, remote locations can present challenges such as the need for portable loos. There is a wide variety of amazing outdoor events happening all year round in Nottingham, and our team at Loos For Hire is here to help if you are planning your own event. It may be difficult for you to find the right provider of loo hire in Nottingham. Fortunately, we offer a wide array of loos and services to cater to every type of event.

Hiring Toilets In Nottingham

The perfect solution

At Loos For Hire, we provide convenient loo hire in Nottingham. Our team can help provide the perfect solution to the logistical need of supplying portable toilets to event-goers – from event toilets to luxury toilets, urinals, and disabled loos. We even offer complementary services such as hand sanitiser station hire. Whatever your needs and number of guests, we have the necessary resources to meet your requirements.

We offer a highly convenient service, as we have the necessary experience to help plan your event and provide the logistical know-how needed to make your hiring experience completely seamless.

Not just for events

We offer flexible options in terms of the number of portable loos needed and the duration of hire. This means that we can cater to longer-term hire needs and projects that may have evolving requirements. Our loo hire services in Nottingham can cater for places such as building sites, not only an event that takes place over one night or a couple of days.

Not only will they keep your workers happy and ensure proper hygiene and sanitation are maintained, but they will also ensure you are fulfilling your legal duties to provide basic toilet facilities. Looking after the welfare of your employees is important and may increase productivity. We offer portable loos that are convenient in size, therefore the site will only be minimally affected.

High hygiene levels

You can expect the highest levels of hygiene and cleanliness with our portable toilets. All of our loos are meticulously cleaned and sanitised before delivery. This means you will only receive the best quality portable loos that will not make your guests flinch. Add hand sanitising stations to your services and you will be sure to maintain very high levels of hygiene throughout your event.

A cost-effective option

Hiring portable loos is not only convenient, but it also provides a cost-effective option that matches your exact budget and needs. Our experience allows us to understand exactly how many loos you will require and what type of loos will suit your event or another outdoor setting. This means that you will only pay for what you need when you work with Loos For Hire.

Ask for our help today

Our team is vastly experienced in loo hire in Nottingham as we have provided all types of portable toilets to various local companies, private clients, event planners, and more. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver a convenient, cost-effective service that will provide you with a high level of versatility and variety.

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