How Can In-Door Events Benefit From Portable Toilet Hire Services?

There’s not much worse than having to stand in long lines to use the toilet during an event. Missing out on important presentations, space at the bar, and networking opportunities during that wasted time is never enjoyable. Portable toilets are a great solution that can improve any event.

Portable toilet hire is a must-have at any outdoor event, however, luxury toilet hire is something that absolutely should be considered for any large-scale indoor event too. This added facility will save guests valuable time, as well as minimise corridor traffic which can, if managed incorrectly, become a health and safety hazard.

How Can Indoor Events Benefit From Outdoor Toilet Hire?

One of the most important aspects of any large event is planning. As event planners, we plan our guests’ movements down to the last second; when they will network, how long it takes to move from one room to another, when will they eat, how long each presentation lasts, and so on. The one thing that we can never add to an itinerary is how long each person needs in the lavatory, additionally, we would struggle to accommodate bathroom queue times.

Most conference venues in the UK are based within older buildings, especially in more remote areas of the country. These buildings have grand halls and plenty of space for movement, however, their bathroom facilities are often lacking, with limited disabled toilets and often fewer female toilets. With many listed buildings, plumbing can also cause additional difficulties, leading to blocked drains and clogged toilets.

The beauty of many large-scale older buildings is that they are usually set within acres of grounds, many of which go to waste when guests are only utilising indoor space, portable toilet hire can be discreetly added without any interruption to the other visitors within the building while providing your guests with much needed extra loos.

The addition of portable toilet hire can solve these issues, leading to a smoothly run and memorable event. A luxury portable toilet area can also be a fun conversation starter, you can choose to decorate this area to make those intervals between meetings unique.

Why Would a Toilet Hire Service to Eliminate those Issues?

You wouldn’t think that a small addition such as outside toilets would have such an impact on an event, but ensuring that there are always fully working toilets on-site is essential. Having portable toilets as an option allows a clean, well managed, and fully stocked alternative for guests who potentially do not wish to use the indoor facilities because of hygiene issues or queues.

How many times have you been in a hotel/conference centre bathroom and they have run out of toilet roll?! The additional bonus of these extra loos is they add sufficient facilities for any guests with disabilities – many conference centres, event venues & hotels only offer one disabled bathroom within an adequate distance of meeting space.

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