Environmental Benefits of Using Portable Loos

Benefits of Using Portable Loos For The Environment

If you are organising a large or small event where lots of people will attend, hiring portable loos is a very smart and responsible decision to make. This could be a live music gig, festival, a large wedding, and many more events that will need toilet facilities. In the modern world of today, there is much pressure and responsibility in protecting the environment and being ecologically sound. Here are some of the environmental benefits of using portable loos.

Ensuring Disease-Free Cleanliness

It is ultra-important to use portable toilets when organising a large scale. There are many events that would involve lots of people, such as a music festival, or a gathering with hordes of people. Human waste can be very dangerous in terms of spreading disease. Did you know there are a handful of harmful microorganisms that live in human faeces? These microorganisms can cause many illnesses and infections such as giardia. By installing a portable toilet at your event, you are preventing numerous potential health problems for your attendees. Having access to portable loos also keeps insects away from human waste and stops the potential spreading of diseases. Insects can be a common spreader of microorganisms. Portable loos are environmentally friendly, and essential at any event where masses of people will be attending.

Protecting Plant life from Toxic Waste

Some of the main environmental benefits of using portable toilets at your event are that you are protecting the plant life in the immediate surroundings. Although a bit of urine isn’t necessarily bad for the environment, a constant stream of urine is another matter entirely. Excessive urination can poison trees, plants, bushes, and even grass with high salt levels and other compounds. It is imperative that you install portable loos at your event, so you can protect the surrounding landscape and its plant life.


Safeguarding Nearby Streams and Waterways

Sometimes we do not fully understand the wider implications and ramifications of our actions. Especially in regards to how we are affecting the environment. If there are streams, rivers, or natural waterways in close proximity to your event location, you really need to use portable loos to avoid a potential environmental crisis in your area. If human faeces and even larger amounts of urine get into local streams and rivers, it can cause major chaos. Did you know that harmful microorganisms found in human waste can thrive in cold water? If human waste is found in or near to local streams and rivers, it can spread disease and also affect the fish and other wildlife.

It is your ecological responsibility to protect the surroundings. It’s not just important that you hire loos so that your guests have adequate toileting facilities, but also because it’s imperative to protect the environment. It is socially and ecologically responsible to ensure that sanitation, cleanliness, and disease prevention (via human waste) is dealt with in the most proper way. If you fail to utilise portable loos at your event, you could end up with legal problems from environmental groups, especially where pollution based laws are involved.

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