How Hygienic are Portable Toilets?

How Hygienic are Portable Toilets?

Sanitation is the most important element of a person’s or community’s health. Regular removal of waste from the body in the form of urine and faeces is an essential part of human life. Improper disposal of human discharges can lead to bacterial infections like cholera, diarrhoea, etc. The foul smell from the excrement can present uncomfortable situation to people. Hygienic toilets along with proper sewage drains play a key role in containing and negating these harmful effects. But what if you are using a portable toilet?

Toilets are common within households, community places and commercial spaces. However, there are situations where the installed toilets are not sufficient or there is maintenance work that is being done on the toilet itself making it unusable.

A portable toilet, as the name suggests, is a toilet that can be moved around to a desired location of use. They are commonly found in public spaces holding events, in construction sites, etc. They are often constructed with lightweight materials for easy mobility.

How Does a Portable Toilet Work?

​Unlike plumbed in toilets, a portable toilet is not connected sewage through plumbing pipes. There is a holding tank beneath the toilet seat that holds the waste and excrement of the users. The holding tank stores chemicals that kill the germs in the solid waste and remove the foul smell.

Modern portable toilets use glutaraldehyde or quaternary ammonium compounds that are harmless to human skin and provide natural nice smelling fragrances. Once full the holding tanks are then emptied to larger sewage tanks or to the sewage treatment plants.

Portable Loos

Hygienic Portable Toilets

​As a portable toilet business we are continuously improving our toilets to make them more hygienic to give a better user experience and to provide high level portable toilets. Modern portable toilets provide soap dispensers, antibacterial dispensers and paper towels along with mini hand washing sinks. They also use a vacuum drainage system, which is common in aircraft toilets, which prevents the splashing of waste products during the flushing operation.

A trailer portable toilet system holds multiple portable toilets and connects them to a water tank or a water source in the location of use. However, regular cleaning, refilling of materials and maintenance are required to keep the portable toilets in hygienic condition.

Major Benefits of Portable Toilets

​Some of the greatest benefits of portable toilets show why they are extremely useful in all that we do. Through the use of portable toilets we do not contaminate the ground with human waste, they also provide all necessary sanitation needs for user but also make the surroundings hygienic. Studies have also shown a reduction in consumption of water through these toilets. It also offers an eco-friendly solution to areas with poor ground water table.

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