Event Toilet Hire: Family Festivals Need Family-Sized Toilets!

Planning for individuals of all kind should be tip top priority when planning a large event. Making sure to plan hygiene facilities is a key in the run up to your event.

Family Sized Toilets & Your Event

When it comes to festival season, there are many factors to consider when planning. Of course, the mind would jump to entertainment, food, and drink stalls. However, planning the hygiene facilities should be one of the main priorities. Festivals attract crowds of thousands of unique individuals, and while everyone deserves adequate toilets, many of those would require more accessible toilets than the average stall. Families attending with children, or even infants, will require family stalls with more space and with changing facilities. Here’s why family sized event toilet hire is essential:

Why do you Need Family Toilets?

There are many reasons why a festival should invest in event toilet hire of family stalls. Let’s take a look at some of the most important ones that you may not have considered:

Supervise your Children

With the vastness of festivals, it can be quite worrisome to take a child. A normal toilet is often barely big enough for one, never mind a parent trying to fit themselves and a child inside. A family toilet is much bigger and allows for multiple people to fit inside comfortably. The bigger space means parents can bring their children inside without being completely cramped, negating any concerns regarding leaving the youngsters to wait outside the stall.

Family Toilet

Make Sure Kids Are Staying Hygienic

Festivals are often crowded, with lots of different food and drink stalls for you all to try. However, this comes with a lot of grabbing and touching many contaminated items and surfaces. With access to family toilets, parents can ensure their children can wash their hands correctly in a clean area. Germs can spread awfully quickly, so maintaining good hygiene is crucial.

Clean, Hygienic Baby Changing Facilities

Everyone should be allowed to enjoy a festival, including those with young children who require changing facilities. Event toilet hire of family stalls will come with clean and safe baby changing facilities, so parents are able to have a moment alone to meet the needs of their child in a hygienic environment. Spending all day outside with an infant is a challenge in itself, so having a comfortable stall to rest for even just a moment can be all the difference.

Baby and Family Toilets with Loos for Hire

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