Why Hire A Portable Toilet?

Why hire a portable toilet?

​Why hire a portable toilet? Whether a large event or small, it is very important to look after your guest’s needs. That may require good event management and organisation, which also involves good infrastructure. Want everything to be themed? Or perhaps add a touch of personal choice of colour? By hiring a portable toilet one can provide his/her guests with the same. Portable toilets can be used for almost all types of events like a party, wedding, conference, camping etc.

Advantages of opting to a portable toilet include:

​1. Portable toilets companies tend to offer their services at a more affordable prices to suit everyone’s needs. 

2. Our portable toilets have an ease of movement so you can decide where they go. 

3. Versatility: depending on the event, you can choose from the variety of portable units based on his/her needs.

4. Save electricity: with solar power equipped units, you can reduce your expenses.

5. Add your theme and colour: match everything with your theme parties and events! No need to worry about them standing out too much. 

6. For people with limited needs: if your target audience involves someone who is less able, aged or pregnant, you can easily look out for their needs by hiring our specially equipped toilets. 

Types of portable units available:

​1. Basic models – Standard portable unit.

This toilet supplies; toilet paper dispenser, a urinal and a holding tank which is a non-flushing type, a sink. They’re suited for outdoor activities, small events, construction sites.  The standard portable units are available for everyone to use.

2. Flushing capable unit.

Facilities include – closed holding tanks equipped with the foot-pedal flushing system. Have enough space, mirrors, sinks etc. They’re suited for – parties, get-to-gathers etc.

3. Units for people with limited needs, babies, specific audience.

These portable toilets are wheelchair friendly. Facilities include – same as standard portable units with the addition of wheelchair accessibility, handrails etc. Suited for people which may use a wheelchair, senior citizens etc.

4. Baby changing stations

Features include – same as standard portable units with the addition of another room equipped with baby changing station. 

5. Units with additional perks.

The facility includes – colour variations, can be theme based or oriented towards a specific group of people. Suited for themed parties.

6. Luxury units

The luxury units can include solar power units, facilities include; sink, hand dryers, peddle flush, lights, the room can be large or small. Suited for overnight parties and for camping.

7. Restroom trailers

Facilities include accommodates more than one individual at a time, lights, air-conditioned units, high comfort. Can be customised in terms of floors, lights, cabinets, counter-tops. Suited for large events with many guests.

8. Shower Trailers

Facilities include units are installed with showers that can provide with hot and cold water. Suited for long or large sports events, overnight events.

Whatever the event is, hiring portable units is a must try option.

Blue and pink portable toilets

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