The Importance of Disabled Portable Toilet Hire for Events

If you’re planning a large event, it’s essential that you reach out to as many people as possible and include everyone in your planning. This gives you more scope to attract a larger audience and ensures that everyone feels comfortable at your event. A big part of this is disabled portable toilet hire – find out why it’s absolutely essential below:

Why Invest In Disabled Portable Toilet Hire?

There are lots of reasons that disabled portable toilet hire is essential for your event management.

Increase Inclusivity

The Equality Act 2010 states that events and services have an anticipatory duty to plan ahead and include as many people as possible. This means that it should be just as easy for a disabled individual to access and enjoy your event as everyone else.

Disabled toilet hire allows people with disabilities the opportunity to get involved and take part in your event. This may even give you a better reputation as an events organiser later on.

They’re Easy to Use

Disabled toilets are easier to access. This means that people who struggle with mobility will be able to use the toilet more easily, making their experience more positive and reducing your toilet queue.

They’re Extra Spacious

Disabled portable toilets are much more spacious than traditional portable toilets, giving all of your guests more space to move around. This means that people with disabilities don’t need to go out of their way to find a toilet that’s suitable for their needs, giving them more time to enjoy the event in comfort.

They are Cost Effective

A disabled portable toilet is incredibly cost effective. Although it’s an extra toilet to hire, it will create extra convenience for your guests and make your event more inclusive. This means that you’ll get more people at your event and will gain a good reputation for the future.

Ensure Good Hygiene 

People with disabilities, especially mobility issues, may struggle more in a standard portable toilet. However, the extra space will give more room to wash hands due to the attached sink, meaning that you can ensure hygiene for everyone. 

Disabled Portable Toilet Hire with Thistle Loos

If you’d like to make your event inclusive to fill up your venue and sell more tickets, Thistle Group – Loos for Hire offer fantastic disabled toilet hire Nottingham for events and festivals. The portable toilets are fully plumbed in with usable wash basins and running water to make them hygienic and are spacious to provide plenty of room for all kinds of disabilities.The service will deliver and collect your portable toilets for maximum convenience, leaving you time for other important organisational tasks. If you need disabled toilet hire in Nottingham, contact Thistle Group today to arrange delivery and set up.

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