Everything You Need To Know About Hiring Luxury Toilets For Your Wedding

Hiring Luxury Toilets For A Wedding 

Organising a wedding brings many challenges, especially if some or all of the event is to be hosted outdoors. Not only do you have to arrange the hire of a suitable venue, invite guests, and ensure adequate food and drink, you also need to consider countless other factors, one of the most important being the provision of toilets. This is especially the case if the wedding is to be in a remote location.

If you are organising an outside wedding either as a couple or as a wedding planner, hiring portable toilets is a popular and sensible option for several reasons. 

At Loos For Hire, we provide portable toilet rental for weddings and similar events such as festivals, outdoor parties and sports days. Based in Leicester, we are ideally situated to serve nearby areas, such as Nottingham, Derby, and Northampton.

The luxury wedding toilets we have available to hire are built to high specifications and purposely designed to cater for guests in an outdoor wedding or VIP environment. We are able to supply outdoor loos for up to 100 guests or up to 175 guests over an 8-hour duration.

picture of loos for hires luxury loos in situ

Why Every Wedding Should Hire Portable Toilets!

When organising an outdoor wedding, the provision of toilet facilities may not be the most pressing issue on your mind. But it is nevertheless important to plan early to ensure you can meet the needs of your guests.

There are several key advantages of renting portable wedding toilets, including:

Convenience For Guests — Outdoor weddings by their very nature are often in remote locations, or at least a significant distance away from the nearest permanent toilet. Portable toilets solve this issue, providing guests with a safe, hygienic, and convenient location close to the festivities.

Cost-Effective Solution — Portable loos are cost-effective and available for short and long-term hire. This means you only pay rental for the length of your wedding and you know exactly what the cost will be. This allows you to easily factor in toilet provision into your overall wedding budget.

Sanitation & Hygiene — Hiring luxury wedding toilets helps to preserve the safety and hygiene of your event. Having warm running water, soap, and adequate facilities means cleanliness is maintained and guests have a secure, private area when they need to visit the loo.

 ●  Legal Considerations — When organising an outdoor wedding, you are legally required to ensure adequate toilet provision. The number of portable toilets you will need varies according to the type and size of venue, the number of guests, and if there are any permanent toilets already in situ.

 ● Accessibility — Weddings attract guests of various age groups and abilities. It is therefore important that you cater to all their needs, including providing disabled toilets for people with mobility issues. Having a clear idea of who is attending will enable you to plan ahead and ensure adequate provision.

Where Can I Hire Luxury Toilets & How Much Does It Cost?

If you are seeking to hire wedding toilets, Loos For Hire has been hiring out luxury wedding toilets for many years and has a great reputation.

For more information on our range of portable loos and to receive a no-commitment bespoke quote, get in touch on 0116 254 4999 or send us a message on our contact form.

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